Welcome to the GECCO 2010 Graduate Student Workshop web site

This site is dedicated to the 13th ANNUAL GRADUATE STUDENT WORKSHOP to be held as part of the 2010 GENETIC AND EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTATION CONFERENCE (GECCO-2010) on the 7th of July, 2010 (the first day of the conference) in Portland, Oregon, USA. The conference and workshop are sponsored by SIGEVO, the Special Interest Group on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

This full day workshop will involve presentations by approximately 10 selected students pursing research in some aspect of evolutionary computation. Students will make 15-20 minute presentations to an audience that will include a 'mentor' panel of established researchers in evolutionary computation. Presentations will be followed by a 10 minute question and discussion period led by the mentor panel.

Students will also be invited present their work as a poster at the evening Poster Session - an excellent opportunity to network with industry and academic members of the community.

The goal of this workshop is to assist students regarding their research: research methodology, goals, and plans. Students will also receive feedback on their presentation style. Other attendees will benefit by learning about current research, engaging in technical discussions and meeting researchers with related interests. Other students are encouraged to attend as a means of strengthening their own

The group of presenting students will be chosen with the intent of creating a diverse group of students working on a broad range of topic areas.

Awards will be presented for best work and best presentation.

Workshop Program

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Graduate Student Workshop Program Room: Salon H Wed July 7th

Time Slot

Paper Title



Start and introduction to the workshop


Using Gradient Information for Multi-objective Problems in the Evolutionary Context

Adriana Lara, Carlos A. Coello Coello, Oliver Schuetze

+10 minute discussion


UAV Bezier Curve Maneuver Planning Using Genetic Algorithm

Affiani Machmudah, Setyamartana Parman, Azman Zainuddin

+10 minute discussion


An Experimental Study of Fitness Function and Time Series Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks

Aranildo Rodrigues Lima Junior, David Augusto Silva, Paulo Salgado Mattos Neto, Tiago A. E. Ferreira

+10 minute discussion




Evolving Solutions in Evolutionary Optimization by a Dynamic System Based Model

Thanh-Do Tran, Gang-Gyoo Jin

+10 minute discussion


An Experimental Study on Robust Parameter Settings

Felix Dobslaw

+10 minute discussion


Evolutionary Learning in Networked Multi-Agent Organizations

Jae-Woo Kim

+10 minute discussion




Heuristic Computational approach using Swarm Intelligence in Solving Fractional Differential Equations

Muhammad Asif Zahoor Raja, Junaid Ali Khan, Ijaz Mansoor Qureshi

+10 minute discussion


Configuration of a genetic algorithm for multi-objective optimisation of solar gain to buildings

Ralph Evins

+10 minute discussion


A Novel Diversification Strategy for Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms

Saúl Zapotecas Martínez, Carlos A. Coello Coello

+10 minute discussion




Constraint Handling with Modified Hypervolume Indicator for Multi-objective Optimization Problems

Zack Z. Zhu

+10 minute discussion


Discussion, voting, award and closing remarks


Dinner for winner(s) and panellists

How to Submit


To present, write a paper describing your current research and submit it by email to rpoli@essex.ac.uk using the subject line "GECCO 2010 Graduate Workshop" (since email is sometimes unreliable, please contact rpoli@essex.ac.uk if you don't receive an acknowledgement message within a day or two).

Format your paper following the ACM guidelines (details can be found here) but note that your paper should not be anonymised and that it should not exceed 4 pages in length. Please submit your paper in PDF format.

Notifications of acceptance will be emailed to authors by 1st April 2010 and final camera ready paper versions of accepted papers will be due by 13th April 2010.

Accepted papers will be published in the GECCO 2010 proceedings on a CD, and also in the ACM
Digital Library (this is why contributions must abide ACM formatting rules and failing to comply with such rules may result in exclusion from the proceedings).
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